Reduce Reuse Recycle

Over the years I have found many ways to recycle reduce and reuse 

When we moved from a huge 6 bedroom house to a much smaller 3 bedroom place, so much had to go! Fortunately our local Op shop was happy to take everything. I also donated to women’s shelters and other charities. It felt great to know we were supporting others and reducing the wastage.

Below are some other ideas…

SIX ways to Save, Not Waste 

Recycled Christmas gifts:

Buy your presents from the local Op shop or garage sales. For many years, when the children were little, my husband Frank and I would scour garage sales for toys. I would clean them and put them in their Christmas stockings. They loved these toys and they had no idea they were second hand.

Gift wrapping: 

Instead of wrapping gifts in something disposable, consider using material you have around the house, a beautiful scarf/sarong, basket, or a pot. It will not only make your gift look unique, but is something that the recipient can repurpose.

Christmas and Birthday Cards:

Keep your old Christmas or Birthday cards and repurpose them. Cut the back off the card, and use the front image to create a nice gift tag.
You and your children will have hours of fun creating cards and art work out of the gorgeous cards we are given throughout the year.
Using our creativity has many other benefits apart from the financial and environmental. We feel uplifted, less anxious and a general sense of wellbeing.
Recycling Christmas cards and paper reduces the use of energy, water and raw materials that go into paper production. With every tonne of paper and cardboard that is recycled saves 3230 litres of landfill space; 23,700 litres of water; and 18,000KJ of energy*. *Stats from PlanetArk

Buy recycled clothing:

Would you like to save money and the environment?

If one million women bought ONE piece of clothing second-hand we would save six million kilograms of carbon pollutions from entering the atmosphere.

And it’s fun! There are so many second hand stores now that we can all find something to wear.

Buy Tri Nature:

Here’s a way you can save money, have a safe home for your family, save on packaging and help our environment.
All Tri Nature’s products are concentrated. With no useless fillers and bulking agents, a one litre bottle can make up to 200 litres of product. Your clothes will no longer have powder residue on them and a two kilo bucket can do over 160 washes!

Our Sphagnam Moss = up to 200 litres of domestic grade disinfectant

Use our Grey water on your garden:

With another hot summer on the way in Australia and with water shortages already affecting many part of our country, we need to find ways to recycle our precious water.

By using our Grey Water on the garden, we can save 1,000’s of litre of water and keep our gardens from dying.

It is important to check that the products you are using have a similar pH to our soils.