I have very large North facing windows and doors that the sun shines on and shows up every smudge mark . The bain of my life...first world problem? Anyway, last week I took a delivery of some products from Jo and on the weekend I used the Glass Cleaner. Hands down, the best glass cleaner I have ever used! I now have smudge free clear glass and my life is complete. I can’t wait to try the other products in my pack. This is one of the things I love most about BNI. We get exposed to products and businesses we others wouldn’t have.
— Jo-Anna Davies, Licensed Agent
Tri Nature’s cleaning products have made a huge difference to me. Before using Alpha Plus Laundry Liquid every time I folded the clothes my hands became itchy and sore. I could not use normal soap and the cleaners I was using would make my hands so bad they would split and bleed. Now that I am using Alpha Plus Laundry Liquid my hands are not irritated at all.
The Regard soap replacement is fabulous for me and my children who also suffer from allergies. I love the products so much that after 4 years of using them I joined and now I am sharing Tri Nature with as many people as possible. Jo has been an amazing support with product knowledge and assisting me when I need any information. She assisted me with running parties and promoting the products to my family and friends. Due to personal reasons I am no longer as involved as I was and Jo is still there whenever I need any help.
— Kim Highfield
Jo Raydan has been supplying us with cleaning products for the past 26 years. She is always prompt in her delivery and helpful in answering any questions we may have. Jo has also supported us by referring people to the community centre and has used our facilities on many occasions for her training courses. She is a delight to work with.
— Bruce Morey; OAM Founder Sandybeach Centre
We have been working with Jo Raydan for approximately 5 years. Jo has shown great leadership and integrity. Over the years Jo has become the person we turn to for advice. Jo has inspired us to take our business to the next level and we continue to grow with Jo’s support. Her knowledge and passion for our industry has earned her enormous amount of respect from her peers and team members who not only see Jo as a role model but an amazing friend. We are honoured to work with someone who maintains such a positive and supportive relationship to everyone around her.
— Team Members; Warrick, Val and Chelsea
I had to clean the oven when I moved out of the rental, so I was able to put Blitz to the test. Using no gloves and I only had paper towel and water to clean with. I was also in a hurry. I preheated the oven, sprayed surface with Blitz, left for a couple of minutes and wiped out. I repeated this 2-3 times and was most impressed with the results. The oven had not been cleaned in 12 months.
— Janita M, Lara, Vic
I just can’t believe what I see. I really didn’t believe it would work much better than anything else I’ve ever tried on my shower / spa bath. I did a few experimental squirts around the place and as I turned back to the first spots – there were white lines of cleanness. I used a fair bit to get the whole thing done, but it is clean, and it was without the hours of scrubbing I have been putting into it for so long. My Husband is not going to believe his eyes when he comes home tonight, it has NEVER been white since we’ve lived here (and he does notice and like things clean).
— S.G. Melbourne
I noticed how black the inside of my Mum’s electric kettle was, so took it home and put a dose of Maxim in hot water through the kettle & in less than 10 mintues, the inside of the kettle was white again. I had to rinse it out several times to ensure there was no taste left behind. I also did the same to a couple of electric Urns that were going to be thrown out because they were so black inside. They too are now nice and white inside again and a spray of Supre on the outside and a good wipe over they look great on the outside too.
— Wendy Perry, AUS
I am writing to tell you how happy I am with Tri Nature products. My son has mild eczema so I decided to try the Alpha Plus Laundry Powder to see if it made any difference to his skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not oly has his eczema improved, but the product is also great value for money, as it lasts for ages, and my clothes are washing better as well!
I am now using the Tri Nature Citrus Dishwashing Powder, Sanazone, Alpha Plus Pre-wash Powder and Little One Baby Bath and have again been impressed by the value for money and quality of the product.
Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful product. I am looking forward to trying more of the range.
— Susan, AUS
It’s a pleasure to use a product with confidence. Knowing that it is safe, especially with my 2 young children.
We suffer from allergies and our state of health was a grave concern. I was introduced to your products and using one at a time, I have now used the range for over 3 years.
I’ve introduced the body wash to a friend whose child can’t have bubble baths without getting a reaction – they couldn’t sing it’s praises more!
Congratulations on taking on the ‘big boys’ (chemical co’s) and caring for my health plus the environment – and proving we can survive without the ‘nasties’! Plus “Aussie Made” is number 1!
— J Percy, QLD
I used to suffer almost ongoing with Candida – caused by soaps! At the time I had been using a medicated wash from the Chemist which was quite expensive. I then was introduced to Tri Nature and tried the body wash, yes it worked – no more candida, plus beautiful soft skin!
— Janita Mathews, AUS
Recently I was fortunate enough to meet a Tri Nature Consultant who presented me with a trial kit of cleaning products. The result - A customer for life. They are every bit as efficient as the best chemical-based products - their fragrance is very pleasant and most importantly I no longer suffer from headaches after cleaning
— Unknown
Tri Nature products have made an unbelievable change for the better in my life, making it possible for me to have a clean home and enjoy a vastly improved quality of life.
— TS Monash
I used the samples to clean the bathroom today and Alyssa (young daughter) insisted on helping. It was such a relief to know the Sphagnum Moss is safe enough for her to use. It also made the house smell wonderful! The washing smells great and feels great. The house feels safe! I’ll be getting bigger bottles of everything ASAP Save myself even more money
— A note from a mum, H Samways