Ultra the Ultimate

My first ultimate Ultra experience was when my youngest son Nick was about 4 years old. Having 3 big brothers and my time being full of kids activities, school readers, homework, day to day chores, running a business from home as well as council meetings to name not all that I was doing, I sometimes left Nick unsupervised. ( I was in the house just not always watching him) 

When I walked into my office and found him finishing off his life size drawing of himself in permanent marker on my new freshly painted walls, I shouldn’t have been too surprised. What an amazing opportunity these beautiful walls must have seemed, just ready for decorating! 

Not being the “transformed” parent, I yelled!  And I’m sure I thought some of some pretty awful things I could have done to him! He was quite used to yelling living in a family with 4 rowdy boys and a Lebanese dad. 

After a few moments, taking some deep breaths and calming down, I started to think about which Tri Nature products would fix this problem. What could I use to eradicate what I’m sure he thought was a masterpiece? 

I tried our multi-purpose cleaner – Supre – first. I had used this many times on scuff marks and finger prints on our walls with 100% success and no damage to the walls. This didn’t cut it with the texta. It lightened it but did not remove it. My darling boy’s image was still very much present. 

I think I tried the Excel- our bleach replacement. This surely would work – again no. This time it was a bit too strong for the paint and the small bit I had used on the walls had taken off a bit of the paint. I’d definitely have to do a touch up job on that area.  

Ultra, Tri Nature’s cream cleanser! It was white the walls are white (well almost white champagne actually) maybe it would work) It was like a miracle. 

I shook the bottle, put a small amount on a cloth ( I already knew how concentrated it was) and started gently rubbing the permanent maker outline. It was disappearing before my eyes. Ten minutes later the walls were clean. Ultra the ultimate and I had won the day! 

Apart from the walls where else does Ultra work its magic? 

The Kitchen & Bathroom 

Bench Tops
Getting beetroot stains out of marble and laminated bench tops 

Range Hood
“Julia, Pascale’s daughter had just bought a house- a renovator’s delight! They had been slowly fixing up the kitchen and were wondering what to do with the old filthy copper range. They had tried cleaning it with a number of products but they could not shift the dark discolouration all over it. Pascale, with her trusty Ultra, gave it a try. After some elbow grease, a damp cloth and a small amount of Ultra, the copper range was sparkling! Scepticism turned to amazement!”  

Cleaning the Sink
The kettle and any stainless steel, brass and sliver comes up sparkling clean 

Cleans the grout and tiles in the bath and shower, also cleans the basin and the bath without scratching!



Helen's Story: The Furniture

Magic Craft according to Mark, Helen’s husband. 

Helen has been working with a group of kindergartens for quite some time. Because the kinders are under a management group, it is hard for Helen to have contact with all the individual kinders and staff. 

Some feedback Helen had received was that no one was using the Ultra because it didn’t work. So the next time she was delivering, with Ultra and other products, she demonstrated the Ultra to one of the management team.  The woman showed her a table with texter and other marks all over it. 

Using a damp cloth with a small amount of product (having shaken the bottle first), help started wiping the table. The marks were just disappearing before their eyes. The team member was astounded, Helen was relieved it had worked (although she was pretty confident it would!) it did, however, remind Helen how amazing Ultra is. 

It is still mystery why the staff members thought it didn’t work as Helen said…“You do have to rub a bit!” 

Jan’s Story: The White Leather Couch

Jan had popped in to see a friend who had a teenage party in disarray. Her friend looked devastated and quickly showed Jan why. Her beautiful white leather couch was covered in black texta (permanent marker)  What the…!!! “It’s ruined,” her friend said looking devastated, “I’ll have to throw it out.” 

The wonderful teenagers had decided, in their wisdom, (yer right) to cover themselves in texta whilst sitting on the couch. Their sweaty bodies soon removed the texta from their bodies to the couch. When Jan arrived teenagers were contacting their parents and leaving. The party was over! 

Jan walked out of the house to her car and grabbed the multi-purpose cleaner, Supre, and the Ultra cream cleanser. Jan sprayed a small amount of the Supre on the affected area of the couch. It dulled the stain but didn’t remove it. She then tried the Ultra with a damp cloth…Viola!  The stains were coming off. A number of hours later after gently and slowly cleaning, the couch was completely white again. They wiped off the excess Ultra and sprayed the couch with the Heritage wood & leather conditioner. No one would ever have known! 

Kerry’s story: The Biro

Many years ago when Will, her youngest, was a toddler, Kerry turned her back on the toddler for a few moments. (Never a good idea) When she turned around, she saw that Will had drawn, with biro, all over her friend’s brand new white leather couch. It was ruined. The biro had got into the fine grain and after trying a number of cleaners her friend had, it looked like the couch would have to be thrown away. Kerry, who was new to Tri Nature, remembered the Ultra cream cleanser. 

She got the bottle she had with her and started slowly cleaning the biro, using a small amount of Ultra on a cloth. Thankfully this worked. All the biro was gone. Kerry was so relieved and gave her friend the bottle as an apology and for future mishaps!